Visa Issues & Documentation

This is the last and the most delicate of the steps while planning to study in the United States. Most students are scared and tensed by the time they reach this stage. But they need to understand that by being tense, they are increasing the chances of failure rather than reducing it. Instead, if they collect all the relevant information, make thorough preparation, and feel confident, there is nothing that can stop them from achieving their objective.

What Visa Officers look for while issuing visa

Evidence of Residence Abroad: The consular officer may not issue a student visa unless satisfied that the applicant:
(1) has a residence abroad (India),
(2) has no intention of abandoning that residence, and
(3) intends to depart from the United States upon completion of the course of study.
Applicants generally establish their ties abroad by presenting evidence of economic, social, and/or family ties in their homeland sufficient to induce them to leave the United States upon the completion of studies.

VISA Interview

Try and gather information on the current trend, what the visa officer is expecting, why visa is being rejected, etc. Look for decisions and experiences particularly in the consulate where you will be appearing for the interview. Knowing what to expect helps!

When you go for the visa dress well. Speak slowly and clearly. Don’t appear tense and don’t look desperate. Showing self-confidence helps. They should never feel that you will have any sort of difficulty .

Risk of VISA rejection

Yes. It is true that if your visa is rejected, all your efforts and money put into the process of studying in the United States go waste. But you can always apply for a second time and get your visa approved. As per the new rule, you can apply as many numbers of times as you want. (the application fee is to be paid every time). But the best way is to go well prepared right in the first time. Our expert counsellors at FACT ensure your preparedness resulting in a very low visa rejection rate.

VISA Consultancy at FACT

FACT provides comprehensive visa documentation and interview training to its students. We are an international education consulting company. We have 10 years of experience handling all types student visas. We are specialists who handle only student visas and related matters. Our expertise lies in the fact that over the years we have handled all types of students with a very high success rate. Although ethically and by law, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, our rate of success is extremely high. The visa approval rate for past few semesters has been 100% and our approval rates have never gone below 97% in any year.



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