Cracking the GRE….

The GRE, or graduate record examination, tests your verbal, mathematical and critical abilities as part of the graduate school admissions process. This exam is required as a prerequisite before applying to a graduate school.Before getting your test taking nightmares , here is some information which will transform your nightmares to a sparkling dream with a great future in the US of A.

Firstly all it takes is 3 months to prepare for the GRE .However it should be kept in mind that those 3 months should be entirely dedicated to words and numbers , for almost 8 hours a day on an average.
This is not to scare you off but just to let you know that the fruits of this hard work are definitely sweet and its indeed a pleasure to bask in the glory of a 1400+ score .
For those who have a background of a sound knowledge of math or who have a habit of regularly poring over the news paper pages or flipping through the novels , for them, 1 and a half to 2 months should be enough to get the hang of the exam and give their best shot.
Concentrating on the verbal ability , the major mistake most of the students do is that THEY SIMPLY READ THE WORDS . What they fail to realise is that application of the knowledge of those words in solving analogies , reading comprehensions ,antonyms and sentence completions , simultaneously as they are done with half of the wordlists , is of utmost importance .
To break the monotony of “mugging “ up the words , the best way is to relax , sit back, switch on the computer and enjoy a game of Verbal Warfare or Super Voca or even GRE Hangman!!And the best order to solve the questions is Barrons,Princeton , Nova ,Kaplan ,ETS and The Big book.
Hope this relieves the “word scare” and helps in flying out with 800 colors in verbal ability .