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Preparing wordlists for GRE

Preparing for GRE is not a difficult task if done tactfully with some smart work; gaining maximum benefit with minimal efforts.

As you know is a pain to study. Tell me how many of you actually DON’T MUGG UP your wordlist?? Do you have any idea that you actually know all the words ? Many students open the book and start doing wordlist or always sit with their flashcards by-hearting the words not knowing why !

There is a strategy my dear friends to do your wordlists.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps: There are 3 Categories of words.

1.EASY WORDS: In each wordlist as you know have 50 + words. Byhearting all at a time sounds & looks (the pages) also boring, one needs to know what types of word are they. The easy one’s – these are those types of words that do not require any introduction. You know their meaning. You need not by heart them because you know it’s meaning already. Just see and move on just see whether the word in a noun or adjective or adverb suffix – by looking at its ending (considering you are done with root prefix & suffixes).

2.MEDIUM WORDS : These are those types of words that you are familiar with i.e. you have seen some were, read in a newspaper, or a novel or in a magazine article that you don’t remember. But seems to look familiar.
You have to get the meaning of such words as you are already familiar with it should not take much time to remember. Don’t forget to apply the roots & stems tactics to it & be observant on what suffix it is.

3.The third and the Last category is the NEW WORDS: These are words which you are seeing for the first time. You have no idea where it has come from or its source of origin. Well dear friends you don’t have a choice but to by heart them.

But, by the time you have finished with your categorization you would be left with very less words to actually by heart. SOUNDS GREAT !!! Try it now !!

Best thing to do is never to get tensed take good food, Sleep tight. Feel good and be confident, it will automatically improve your capability.

On the Day of the GRE

GRE is probably the first step towards your goal in getting into a good university. So it is understandable that you wish to score really high on your GRE. Memorizing the wordlists and practicing various types of sums indeed give you the kind of self-confidence and assurance that you need for cracking GRE successfully. So in the hope of giving you a peek in the actual GRE day, in this article I’ll talk about what you should do on the day of your GRE.

As you know it is in your hand to decide when to take your GRE. You are also given the choice of time when you would like to take the test. (Choose this time wisely as you may be more comfortable in the afternoon slot than in the morning or evening and so on.) It is advisable to reach the test centre at least 30 minutes in advance of the actual test time. This is so because as you enter the test centre you have to fill out the forms that will be given to you and this seriously consumes a lot of time. Once you are through with it be patient until your name is called and you are admitted into the adjoining examination hall.

Remember that you are not allowed to carry anything with you in the examination hall, not even water bottle or handkerchiefs which you have to leave in the locker you are provided with. Your passport is the only personal item that stays with you throughout the test. Remember that you are NOT allowed to give GRE without your passport. Make sure that your passport is in order before you register for your GRE.

While all these procedures are underway, remain calm and composed. Do not panic and moreover do not study at the last minute, it will only confuse you more. It is normal to feel nervous but don’t let your nervousness get the better of you. Remember that all the other candidates are also sailing in the same boat and are as stressed as you are. Just keep a cool head and if you have studied diligently then you will surely do well on the test.

So work hard ahead of time. Last minute preparations won’t help you. Practice from as many materials as you can but two days prior to the test only go through important stuff and revise your vocabulary. Score high and increase your chances of getting into the University of your choice. All the Best.